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Posted on 23rd August 2019 | News

Students at St. Mary’s Grammar School, Magherafelt have excelled in 2019 GCSE examinations. Following the publication of results, Ms Gillespie, Principal, described the grades achieved by students as “truly remarkable” and reported that 98% of students achieved A*-C grades in at least 7 subjects, including English and Mathematics. An impressive 60% of all grades were A*-A.

Expressing her pride in students, Ms Gillespie commented: “It is always gratifying to see our young people achieve the success they so richly deserve. The hard work and commitment of students, the expertise and guidance of staff, and the support and encouragement of parents and guardians have all contributed to such excellent examination outcomes. I congratulate and commend everyone involved. As they begin the next important stage in their lives, I would advise students to maintain their focus and motivation as they pursue future goals and ambitions.

10A or more

Helen Doherty (10A*)

Isabel Collins (9A*), Erin Forbes (9A*), Rory Harman (9A*), Philip Houston (9A*), Caitlin McCormack (9A*), Catriona Toner (9A*)

Emer Bateson (8A*), Caitlin Devlin (8A*), Sian Devlin (8A*), Luke O’Neill (8A*)

Jamie Gribben (7A*), Ciara McCoy (7A*), Evelina McElhone (7A*), Anna McGale (7A*), Medb McGurk (7A*), Hannah Scullion (7A*), Katie Walls (7A*)

Finola Bateson (6A*), Sarah Graham (6A*), Seaní McCafferty (6A*), Tom Muldoon (6A*), Erin Pickering (6A*), Clara Quinn (6A*), Rachel Tohill (6A*)

Eimear- Rose Boyle (5A*), Eimear Tohill (5A*)

Allana Campbell (4A*), Rachel Downey (4A*), James Murray (4A*)

Kate Gribbin (3A*), Shannon McGuigan (3A*), Conor McKeefry (3A*), Catherine Mulholland (3A*)

Eimear Fowley (2A*), Padraig McCusker (2A*)



9A or more

Siún Cummings (7A*), Beth Dixon (6A*), Anna Quinn (6A*), Katy Shivers (5A*), Leah Delaney (4A*), Dan Higgins (4A*), Frankie

Morgan (4A*), Elena McKenna (3A*), Niamh McErlean (3A*), Anisa Akram (2A*),

Ryan Lennox (2A*), Laoise McErlean (2A*), Michael Mullan (2A*), Adam Rocks (2A*), Aobhinn Young (2A*), Jack Cassidy (1A*). 



8A or more

Erin Lynch (4A*), Niall McAuley (7A*), Luke McCann (6A*), Amy Loughran (3A*), Callum Lynch (3A*), Ellen Bradley (2A*), Ben Diamond (2A*), 

Eimile Downey (2A*) Rachel Doyle (2A*), Eve Dunlop (2A*), Sé Gallagher (2A*), Rebecca Totten (2A*), Lile Keenan (1A*), Emma Likeman (1A*), 

Conor Maguire (1A*), Eimear McCann (1A*), Peter McKinney (1A*).





7A or more

Eoin Pelan (3A*), Jessica Falls (2A*), Eloise Johnston (2A*), Shane O’Boyle (2A*), Shea McCorry (1A*).




6A or more

Patrick Lavery (4A*), Karl Gribbin (2A*), John McAllister (2A*), Helen McPeake(2A*), Mark Donnelly (1A*), 

Conleth Mallon (1A*), Aoife Quinn (1A*), Declan Larkin, Rosie McElroy, Abigail O’Neill,

Jarlath Young.



5A or more

Jessica O’Neill (2A*), Caoimhe Boyle, Zara Carson,

Darragh Dawson, Aimee Donnelly, Clodagh Gillen, Joshua Higgins, Christopher McVey