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Posted on 02nd October 2018 | GeneralNews

Students in St. Mary’s have been privileged recently to listen to the inspiring words of Sister Rose Devlin, a Holy Family Sister and past pupil of St. Mary’s Grammar School.

Sister Rose was awarded an MBE in Buckingham Palace on 2 March 2017 for her services to improving community relations in schools in  Northern Ireland.

She became involved in peace and reconciliation work more than 20 years ago. In the Christian Education Movement (CEM), she worked alongside schools organising, facilitating and delivering conferences for post-primary children from different religious backgrounds. During the dark days of the “the troubles” she was often on the road as early as 6.30am travelling to schools across the province.

Although no longer involved in cross-community work  in schools, Sister Rose believes it needs to continue. “I pray daily,” she says, “for greater mutual understanding, not only among the youth but especially among adults, whose influence is immense.” Sister Rose will be visiting Religious Education classes over the coming year speaking to students at all levels. Rachel McCormack, a Year Nine pupil who heard Sister Rose speak, commented: “She is a very wise and inspirational lady. I loved learning about her and I enjoyed her sense of humour and positive outlook on life. She is a real role model.”

We look forward to listening to Sister Rose and sharing in her journey throughout the year.