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Our Teaching Staff

Principal & Vice-Principal

Ms D. Gillespie

Mr F. Dunlop

Senior Teachers

Mrs E. Daly
Miss A. Hagan
Mrs S. Monaghan
Miss S. McCloskey
Mrs T. Mullan
Mr G. Quinn

View Teachers by Department

Art and Design

Mrs N. McKernan (Head of Department)
Mrs J. Patton


Mr K. McAuley (Head of Department)
Dr L. Connor
Mrs I. Diamond
Mrs S. Johnston
Mrs S. McGee

Business Studies and Economics

Mr C. McCauley (Head of Department)
Mr M. Francis


Mrs U. McNeill
Ms C. Donoghue (Head of Department)


Miss S. McCloskey (Head of Department)
Mrs C. Clarke
Mrs R. McComb
Mrs P. McGale
Ms T. Mullan

Drama and Theatre Studies

Miss R. Allen (Coordinator)
Mrs A.M. Anderson
Mrs C. Gordon
Mr G. Quinn
Mrs O. Reid

English and English Literature

Mrs O. Reid (Head of Department)
Miss R. Allen
Mrs A.M. Anderson
Miss M. Cumiskey
Mrs C Murray
Mr G. Quinn


Miss N. MacOscar (Head of Department)
Mrs K. O’Kane
Miss V. Venot


Mrs C. Bradley (Head of Department)
Mrs U. McNeill
Mrs A. Stevenson


Miss N. MacOscar


Mrs M. McCormick (Head of Department)
Mr P. Brolly
Miss M. Cumiskey

Home Economics

Mrs M. Carr (Head of Department)
Mrs B. McAuley


Mrs G. Gartland (Head of Department)
Mrs E. Daly
Mrs S. Higgins
Mrs U. McNeill
Mr P. Kalla


Mr W Mc Philomey (Head of Department)
Miss M Mc Gouran


Mr M. Tracey (Head of Department)
Miss A. Carroll
Mrs B. McGahon
Mrs S. Burke
Mrs S. Monaghan
Mrs M. O’Neill


Miss U. Donnelly (Head of Department)
Mrs E. Quinn

Physical Education

Mr J. McElholm (Head of Department)
Mr K. Brady
Mr R. Convery
Miss O. Donnelly
Miss N. Hughes


Mrs A. McKee (Head of Department)
Dr J. Coulter
Mr F. Dunlop
Mr R. Kennedy

Religious Studies

Miss U. Burns (Head of Department)
Miss A. Hagan
Mrs S. Higgins
Mr G. Maynes


Mrs B. Mateo-Loughlin (Coordinator)
Ms C. Donoghue

Technology and Design

Mr S O Connor (Head Of Department)
Mr M. McVeigh