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Pastoral Care

The key aim of Pastoral Care in St. Mary's is to support pupils in their learning and development and enable them to overcome any potential barriers to their progress and achievement.

St. Mary’s has established a structured, whole school approach to Pastoral Care.  At each Key Stage, a Senior Leader is assigned as the Key Stage Progress and Learning Manager (PLM).  At Key Stage 3, the PLM is Mr Quinn, at Key Stage 4 the PLM is Mrs Daly and at Key Stage 5 the PLM is Mrs Hynds.  Working together, the PLMs manage the school's Pastoral Care system.  They liaise with the Pastoral Teams within their designated Key Stage to ensure that the needs of all young people are met.  Each Pastoral Team is comprised of a group of Form Teachers/Tutors led by a Head of Year.

Upon entry to St. Mary’s, each pupil will join a Year Group and will be placed in a Form Class with an allocated Form Teacher. The Head of Year and the Form Teacher are key figures in the school’s Pastoral Care system.

Working with a Pastoral Team, the Head of Year maintains oversight of the personal, social and academic development of each pupil in the Year Group. Each Form Teacher possesses a detailed knowledge of the needs, emotional development, progress and academic attainment of pupils in the Form Class. The Form Teacher, on a regular basis, monitors the conduct, attendance and progress of each pupil in the Form Class. Where there is cause for concern, the Form Teacher, Head of Year and Progress and Learning Manager work together to implement intervention strategies to enable the pupil to overcome any difficulties being experienced. In the case of pupils causing concern, the Form Teacher, Head of Year and/or the Progress and Learning Manager will liaise with parents/guardians to communicate relevant information and agree strategies to be implemented by parents/guardians in the home to support the pupil.

Pupils meet with their Form Teacher on a daily basis and attend a weekly Year Group Assembly with their Head of Year and Progress and Learning Manager.  Additionally, the Form Teacher will meet with the Form Class during weekly timetabled lessons. At Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, the Learning for Life and Work programme includes Personal Development, Local and Global Citizenship and Employability. At Key Stage 5, an age-related Personal Development programme is delivered by Form Teachers. At all Key Stages, the Form Teacher meets periodically with each pupil on an individual basis as part of the mentoring process.

Subject Teachers have an important pastoral role in building the confidence and self-esteem of young people within a positive learning environment. Teachers who have concerns about any aspects of a pupil’s welfare or progress will, in the first instance, discuss these with the Form Teacher.

As part of the pastoral provision within the school, St. Mary’s operates a Pastoral House System. Each student and member of staff is assigned to one of five Houses within the school. The purpose of the House System is to enhance the community spirit of St. Mary’s by promoting greater levels of vertical interaction between pupils in different Year Groups and by encouraging all members of St. Mary’s to contribute fully to the life of the school.

The Progress and Learning Managers, through consultation with each Head of Year and each Form Teacher, will monitor, evaluate and review the school’s Pastoral Care provision each year.