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Pastoral Care Programme

​Learning for Life and Work (LLW) is central in helping young people to develop the fundamental skills, knowledge, qualities and dispositions that are pre-requisites for life and work.

The contributory strands of LLW are Personal Development, Local and Global Citizenship, Employability and Home Economics. LLW is delivered to all pupils at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The information below provides an overview of the key topics explored by pupils in Year 8 – Year 12 in the contributory strands of Personal Development, Local and Global Citizenship and Employability. Details of the Home Economics contributory strand may be found in the Home Economics subject area in the Learning Experiences section of this website.

A tailored programme of Personal Development and Faith Education is also delivered to all students in Year 13 and Year 14

Year 8

Personal DevelopmentLocal and Global CitizenshipEmployability
Induction: Life at St. Mary's What Do I Know About Drugs? Occupational Sectors
Introduction to Personal Development Drugs and their Effects Job Types
Managing Change What is Citizenship? Global Opportunities
Moving on from Primary School What Makes an Ideal World? Career Management
A Balanced You Diversity in the Classroom Setting Career Goals
Knowing Yourself Rights and Responsibilities Individual Identities, Global Diversity
Who Am I? Ethnic Diversity in Magherafelt Introduction to Enterprise
Life's Journey Symbols of Diversity Solving Business Problems
A Day in My Life Sectarianism and Identity
Understanding Behaviour International Rights of the Child
Clarifying and Challenging Values Exploring Diversity
Managing and Decision Making
Reveal How You Feel
The Inner Me
I Feel, You Feel
Him and Her
Who is in My World?
What Makes a Good Friend?

Year 9

Personal Development Local and Global Citizenship Employability

Health and the Whole Person

An Ideal World Introduction to EU Job Opportunities
Understanding Health and Wholeness A Time When I Felt Excluded Migrant Workers
Personal Audit Why Do Others Feel Excluded? Jobs in Recycling

Self- Concept

Giant Steps Profiles of Famous Entrepreneurs
Who I Want to Be V Who I Am They Say, I Say What Employability Means to Me
How Others Help Me Arrive at Self Equality Game- Snakes and Ladders Project Work- Recycling
Self-confidence and What Improves It Journey to Equality Employability Presentations
Moral Values and Beliefs: Developing Moral Character £100 to Share
Safety and Managing Risk What is Poverty?

Relationships and Sexuality

Absolute and Relative Poverty
What Makes a Good Friend? Picturing Poverty
Internal and External influences on Romantic Relationships Poverty on Your Doorstep

Feelings and Emotions

How to Tackle Poverty in NI
Expressing Feelings Appropriately Walking Debate
Taboos About Expressing Feelings
Developing Coping Strategies
Managing Influences and Making Descisions: Willpower

Year 10

Personal Development Local and Global Citizenship Employability
Health and the Whole Person: Managing Change Decision-Making Scenarios and Skills Necessary for Democracy Introduction to Subject Choice
Feelings and Emotions NASA Game- What Skills Did You Use? Personal Career Planning
Relationships and Sexuality Democracy Game: Essential Elements of Democracy Jobs in Tourism
Learning About Learning How Democratic? Career Research using Pathfinder / JED
Drugs Awareness What Should You Have Your Say On? Introduction to HE / FE Courses
Managing Influences and Making Decisions How to Have Your Say Understanding Qualifications
Safety and Managing Risk Considering Action Guidance Interviews for Subject Choice
Taking Action Subjects in Focus
Consequences Wheel Job Research Project
At What Age Can I...? Introduction to DEL Careers Officers
Whose Job Is It? Careers Presentation

Year 11

Personal DevelopmentLocal and Global CitizenshipEmployability
Introduction to Personal Development The European Union: Its History and the Use of the Euro Before They Were Famous
Decision-Making Model What Does the EU Do for Me? How to Find Employment / Job Search
The Facts About Smoking European Studies Programme The Recruitment Process / Job Advertisments / NI Jobfinder
Looking Back, Looking Forward The History of the Red Cross The Application Process
Time Management A Time to Flee Application Form V Curriculum Vitae
Personal Health and Well-Being Completing an Application Form
How Young People Cope? Is it the Same for Boys and Girls? The Selection Process / Aptitude Tests
Anger Management / Self Talk Careers Research using JED
Cyberbullying Becoming an Entrepreneur
Cyberbullying: The Role of the PSNI Creating a Product: How to Design, Market and Sell
Alcohol Product Presentation
Illegal Drugs
Financial Management: Budgeting, Spending and Saving
The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations
Progress File: Personal Statement

Year 12

Personal Development Local and Global Citizenship Employability

Positive Mental Health

History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Team Work
Understanding Mental Health Human Rights Research Leadership
Stress Spotting What Happens When One Right Denies Another Effective Working Practices
Mope, Hope or Cope Rights in Our Community Starting a Business
Dealing with Rejection and Depression Human Rights of the Child The Entrepreneurs’ Experience

Study Skills

How Human Rights are Affected by Events Beyond Your Control Corporate Social Responsibility
Managing Your Learning Social Responsibility
Revision Strategies Employers and Employees
Effective Tips for the Examination Hall Fair Trade
Practising Examination Questions


What is Abuse?
Recognising and Assessing the Impact of Abuse on a Young Person

Being Assertive

Progress Files