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Key Stage 3 Internal Assessment Information

Key Stage 3 Assessment Overview 2019/2020

Throughout the year, pupils will complete four / two assessments in different subjects outlined in the Table below.

Subjects with 4 Assessments

Subjects with 2 Assessments







Religious Education



Art and Design 


Home Economics

Digital Technology


Technology and Design

• The number of assessments completed in each subject is based on the time allocated to subjects within the Key Stage 3 curriculum and takes account of the practical nature of particular subjects.

• Subjects with four assessments will include two examinations (Assessment 2: Christmas Exam and Assessment 4: Summer Exam). 

• Assessment 2 will take place during the school’s internal examination period in December 2019 and Assessment 4 will take place during the school’s internal examination period in June 2020. 

• Assessment tasks will vary between subjects and may include project work, group activities or other tasks with a skills-based focus.

• Pupils will be given advance notice of assessment dates/deadlines for each subject and will be asked to record this information in the Student Planner. 

• Examinations will take place at the end of Term One and Term Three. In 2019/2020, examination dates are as follows:

Assessment 2: Christmas Exam

Assessment 4: Summer Exam

Monday 9 December - Friday 13 December

Monday 1 June - Friday 5 June