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Educational Trips and Visits

In St. Mary’s, we recognise the importance and value of providing pupils with opportunities for learning outside the classroom.

Educational visits and trips are one way by which we provide such learning experiences for our pupils. The first-hand, practical experience of learning that is possible through educational visits and trips can help to make subjects more vivid and interesting for pupils and enhance their understanding of the world around them.

Through the educational visits and trips we offer, we aim to:

  • complement or extend the learning which occurs within the classroom;
  • contribute to the personal, social and emotional development of pupils;
  • enhance the cultural and/or intellectual development of pupils; and
  • broaden pupils’ horizons by giving them the chance to visit new places, meet new people and experience different cultures and lifestyles.

Each year, pupils in St. Mary’s have opportunities to participate in a wide range of day trips, including fieldwork trips, industrial trips, and arts and cultural trips. Additionally, a number of residential trips are organised on an annual basis, including ski trips, theatre trips, religious trips and sporting trips.

In recent years, St. Mary’s pupils have enjoyed school travel to destinations near and far, including places such as:

      Dublin                   Donegal                   London                   Barcelona                Catalonia

      Andalusia             Madrid                      Rome                      Sicily                       Paris

      Nice                       Lourdes                   Medjugorje              Norway                  Austria

      India                      Russia                      New Hampshire      Boston                  New York


Trips for 2014-15

Trip Location Year Group Date
School Proms London Year 9 and 10 10 – 11 November 2014
Ski-Trip Austria Year 9 and 14 17 – 23 December 2014
Spanish Madrid Year 12 15-20 June 2014
Spanish Catalonia Year 9 and 10 16-20 June 2015
International Volunteering Saphara Year 14 2-18 July 2015



Proposed Trips for 2015-16

Trip Location Year Group Date
Rugby World Cup London Year 12 September 2015
Ski-Trip Austria Year 9 and 14 9-16 January 2016
Drama / Music New York Year 12, 13 and 14 February/March 2016
iDiscover China China Year 14 28 June – 8 July 2016
Euro 2016 Paris Year 10 June 2016