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Faith Development

Faith Development refers to the ways by which a faith community grows in its understanding of Christ’s teaching and bears witness to the Gospel values in the living out of the faith.

We aim to create a vibrant, living faith community where young people are enabled to develop a strong set of Catholic Christian values and attitudes which will inspire and guide them in all aspects of their lives.

The development of faith in our young people is the responsibility of all members of staff.

The St. Mary’s school motto is ‘Gloria Deo Soli’ which means ‘Glory to God Alone.’ We provide many opportunities for our students to glorify God in word and deed, particularly in their relationships with and regard for others, especially those in need. We strive to create an environment in which young people can grow in self-awareness and in empathy for their fellow human beings in the context of a living faith.

We recognise that the development of faith begins in the home. Above all others, it is parents/guardians who establish the faith base of children, making them aware of the presence of God in their lives. By their example in the home and their participation in the Mass and other sacraments, parents/guardians ensure that the foundations of life-long faith and discipleship in their children are laid down. We seek to complement home teaching and support parents/guardians in the faith formation and spiritual growth of their children.

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the legacy of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux inspire the school’s core values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Responsibility.