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Healthy Eating

In St. Mary’s, we aim to educate pupils about food nutrition and the importance of healthy eating.

Within and beyond the curriculum, pupils have opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to make healthy food choices inside and outside the school. As a school, we believe it is important that our pupils understand the importance of a balanced diet and realise the impact of poor diet on health.

St. Mary’s adopts a whole school approach to the promotion of healthy eating. Within the curriculum, all pupils study Home Economics at Key Stage 3. As part of their work in this subject, pupils explore ways to ensure a healthy diet, to develop practical skills in the safe, hygienic, healthy and creative use of foods, and to plan, prepare, cook and serve a range of meals.

Both cafe Bordeaux and cafe Pierre promotes healthy eating by providing pupils with healthy and nutritious meals and snacks each day. This provision supports the development of healthy food habits that should continue into pupils’ adult years.

Furthermore, research has shown that young people who enjoy a nutritious meal at school are more likely to be alert and attentive in class and behave better in school. To encourage pupils to make healthy food choices within school, St. Mary’s operates a Healthy Eating Rewards Scheme whereby pupils can accumulate points for their healthy eating efforts. These points can then be exchanged for a ‘top-up’ on dinner cards and are also recognised within our 'Pastoral House System'.

Pupils who bring a packed lunch to school are also encouraged to make healthy food choices and are rewarded through the 'Pastoral House System'.. Additionally, pupils are asked to remain mindful that certain food products should not be taken into the school due to the food allergies experienced by some pupils.