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In St. Mary’s, we recognise that the development of literacy skills is important at all stages of pupils’ learning, regardless of their age or chosen programme of study. 

We consider the promotion of literacy as integral to planning, teaching, learning and assessment across the curriculum and in the wider school experience of our young people. 

We understand that highly developed literacy skills are fundamental to pupils’ academic success across all areas of learning. The development of pupils’ literacy skills is, therefore, essential to raising standards throughout the school.  Consequently, we adopt a whole-school, collective, cross-curricular approach to the promotion of literacy.

We know that literacy skills are essential for pupils, now and in the future, to function within and contribute to society and the economy.  We, therefore, endeavour to ensure that all pupils achieve a level of competence in literacy which will empower them to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives, in line with the overall aim of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  

By providing pupils with opportunities to acquire and refine literacy skills, we address the specific objectives of the Northern Ireland Curriculum: to develop pupils as individuals, as contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and the environment.

Taking account of the guidance contained in Count, Read: Succeed – A Strategy to Improve Outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy (DENI, 2011), our literacy objectives are to:


  • promote and develop each pupil’s ability to understand and use language as an integral part of the learning process across all areas of the curriculum;
  • enable each pupil to interact effectively with the world around them;
  • equip each pupil to express themselves creatively; and
  • empower each pupil to communicate confidently using a variety of skills and media.