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Personalised Learning

"The high quality of the mentoring system encourages independent learning amongst the pupils." (The Inspectorate)

In St. Mary’s, we have established a culture of Personalised Learning at each Key Stage. We aim to engage pupils actively in the learning process, ensuring that they understand their preferred learning style and equipping them with the skills to become independent, reflective and life-long learners.

As part of our personalised approach to learning, all pupils, in partnership with teachers and parents/guardians, are encouraged to:

  • set aspirational personal targets for achievement and strive to achieve these;
  • engage in regular self-evaluation of personal progress and achievement;
  • record personal progress in the ‘Tracking Progress’ section of the Student Planner;
  • identify personal strengths and areas for improvement;
  • take account of individual feedback received from teachers to inform targets for achievement;
  • review, as necessary, personal targets for achievement;
  • create and implement personal action plans to address areas for improvement;
  • engage meaningfully in self-assessment and peer assessment learning activities; 
  • engage meaningfully in the mentoring process; and
  • plan a personal learning pathway matched to individual interests, aptitudes and aspirations, particularly at Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form.

As a school, we make effective use of a range of data to:

  • identify each pupil’s prior level of progress and achievement at the beginning of each Key Stage;
  • predict each pupil’s potential level of achievement at the end of each Key Stage;
  • inform the personal targets for achievement agreed with each pupil;
  • track each pupil’s level of progress and achievement throughout each Key Stage;
  • identify underachievement and initiate intervention strategies to enable pupils to fulfil potential; and
  • measure the ‘value-added’ achievement of each pupil at the end of each Key Stage.