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10C win Children in Crossfire Maths Challenge

Posted on 03rd July 2017 | NewsAwards

​Year 10 pupils from St. Mary’s Grammar School, Magherafelt have won first prize in Quiz 5 of the Children in Crossfire Maths Challenge which was held recently. 

​All Key Stage 3 classes took part in the challenge which aims to create links between the teaching and learning of Mathematics, global awareness and social responsibility whilst also raising awareness for the charity. ​Students worked in groups and applied their mathematical knowledge with cross-curricular links while also using their numeracy and problem solving skills. 

“Well done to all those involved.”  Principal Ms D Gillespie

2017 was the first time in which St. Mary’s had entered the competition, with students raising a total of £329.75 for the charity. Children in Crossfire recently presented Mr Tracey and his 10C class with their prize.