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Posted on 25th October 2018 | GeneralNews

On 23 October 2018, GCSE and A Level Drama and Theatre Studies pupils travelled to the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast to watch a performance of The Man Who Fell to Pieces by Tinderbox Theatre Company.  

Patrick J. O’Reilly’s The Man Who Fell to Pieces is an honest and inventive interpretation of a real life mental crisis which approaches the theme through devised drama techniques.  The piece told the story of John.  John is not just cracking up. He’s falling apart. But why? He has a steady if humdrum job, a caring mother and a pretty girlfriend who adores him. He tries to hold himself together using staples and tape but it’s not working.

This amazing piece of theatre addressed issues of mental health, depression and anxiety, highlighting the importance of being honest with yourself and others in your life.  It was a very powerful and moving performance.  The piece was inspired by Patrick J. O’Reilly’s own experience of depression and pupils were lucky enough to have a Question and Answer session with the actors and director after the show. The piece has inspired GCSE and A Level Drama pupils who are working on the development of their own devised drama performance.