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Posted on 01st May 2015 | NewsGeneral

Spanish students from Years 11 to 14 took part in the VocabExpress Global Challenge 2015 in March.  It was one of the most competitive VocabExpress championships to date. Organisers were blown away by the response to the competition – both from individual students and their encouraging teachers.

There were numerous stories on Twitter of students’ hard at work, desperately trying to move themselves and their schools up the leader boards.

The Global Challenge saw a total of 25,393 students competing from 157 schools both in the UK and overseas. There were 26 schools in the Challenge Cup Piccolo, 60 in the Medio (our category) and 71 in the Grande.

Our Spanish students were placed 17th in the Cup Medio Challenge open to medium size schools. (Not bad considering there were 60 schools in our category!)

Our top scorer was Emma Boyle (Year 12) with 6,200 points.