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Posted on 20th October 2017 | GeneralNews

In its 90th anniversary year, St. Mary’s Grammar School, Magherafelt is proud to present the musical comedy, Guys and Dolls.

Set in Damon Runyon’s mythical New York City, Guys and Dolls is the story of gambler, Nathan Detroit, and his dancer fiancée, Miss Adelaide. She wrongly believes that he has given up gambling and is putting pressure on him to “finally get married”. Meanwhile, Nathan is under further strain as fellow gamblers urge him to find a venue to hold a high stakes dice game, something which seems almost impossible as Lieutenant Brannigan keeps a watchful eye. The only venue available is going to cost Nathan $1000 but he “ain’t got a grand on hand”. When he meets Sky Masterson, “the highest player of them all”, Nathan bets him $1000 that Sky will not be able to persuade a woman of Nathan’s choosing to travel to Havana, Cuba with him for dinner. Sky tells Nathan, “You got a bet!” and Nathan, confident that he cannot lose, names Sergeant Sarah Brown, a Sister at the Save-a-Soul Mission.

Who will win the bet? Will the dice game take place? And will Adelaide discover that Nathan is still up to his old tricks? One thing is certain: mixing betting and romance can only lead to complications.

Colourful characters, hilarious comedy and memorable music combine to make Guys and Dolls a real crowd-pleaser which features songs such as the humorous Adelaide’s Lament, the romantic I’ve Never Been in Love Before, the exuberant If I Were a Bell, the classic Luck Be a Lady and the show-stopping Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat.

DATE: Tuesday 28 November – Saturday 2 December 2017

TIME: Nightly at 7.30pm


Tuesday 28 November – Thursday 30 November 2017:      £12.50

Friday 1 December 2017 - St. Mary’s Reunion Evening:      £15.00

Saturday 2 December 2017 - Gala Evening:                        £20.00

BOOKING INFORMATION:    Tickets available from School Office: 028 796 32320