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Posted on 30th April 2019 | GeneralNews

As a development of the Pastoral House System in St. Mary’s, Term Two saw the introduction of Vertical Tutor Groups.  Led by Mrs Higgins, the aim of the vertical group structure  is to enhance and encourage greater pupil interaction between pupils from different Year Groups within the same Pastoral House Group and promote a richer pupil experience and sense of House identity. 

​Vertical Tutor Groups met for four Friday PM Registrations during March and April. The members of each Vertical Tutor Group became familiar with each other through participating in a range of ‘icebreaker’ activities.  Mrs Higgins hopes that over time this pastoral structure will become embedded into school life and contribute to a strong sense of community amongst the whole student body where students will increasingly engage with each other in groups which are not defined by age.  Mrs Higgins explained: “This is just the beginning of our Vertical Tutor Group journey.  It is hoped that we will continue to strengthen the new relationships formed this year across the Vertical Tutor Groups, winning over the hearts and minds of those individuals who may have found this new experience a little daunting!”

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