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Posted on 03rd April 2019 | GeneralNews

Throughout the year, members of the St. Mary’s Student Council have been actively involved in inviting and representing the views and ideas of the wider student body to the Principal and Senior Leadership Team.  Various matters of pupil interest were discussed through regular Year Group Council meetings, Student Council meetings and meetings with Ms Gillespie and Mr Quinn.  The issues raised by pupils were discussed at Senior Leadership meetings and feedback was provided to the Student Council.  

Among the range of topics discussed by the Student Council this year were:


  • ·        Listening to Music in the Year 13 and Year 14 Study Centres
  • ·        Energy Drinks in School
  • ·        The Effectiveness of Approaches to Pupil Reward and Recognition
  • ·        The Pastoral House System
  • ·        Sixth Form Reward Scheme
On 29 March 2019, representatives from the St. Mary’s Student Council met with their counterparts in other Magherafelt Learning Partnership schools in St. Pius X College to undertake training facilitated by the EA’s Youth Service and Mid-Ulster District Council.  The training focused on the development of leadership, organisational and planning skills, and how young people can make a valuable contribution to their school community.   


As a school community, we extend our sincere thanks to the Student Leadership Team, members of the Student Council and the Class Representatives who made up each Year Group Council for their commitment to further developing the pupil voice in St. Mary’s this year.  


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