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Posted on 05th November 2018 | GeneralNews

On Thursday 25 October 2018, students from St. Mary’s Grammar School went to the polls to vote for the pupils they wanted to elect as members of the school’s Student Council.  Working together, the Student Leadership Team planned and organised the event. 

In recent weeks, each Form Class had the opportunity to elect Class Representatives to form a Year Group Council. Pupils elected to the Year Group Council had the choice to stand for election as a Year Group Representative on the Student Council.  Earlier this week, those pupils standing for election as a Year Group Representative addressed their peers during an extended assembly and outlined why they would be a suitable candidate for the Student Council.  Reflecting on the speeches, Mr Quinn (Senior Leader) commented: “It was inspiring to listen to pupils speak so articulately, confidently and sincerely about the contribution they could make to the Student Council.  Form Teachers, Year Heads and peers were most impressed by the quality of the pupils’ delivery and the maturity of their ideas for school improvement.  As we move towards the establishment of the Student Council, we look forward to working with a group of enthusiastic students to identify and progress their priorities for development and to invite their views on school matters.”

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