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Rights Respecting Schools Committee

​In pursuit of the Rights Respecting School Award, we formed our first Rights Respecting School Steering Committee.

 Miss McAllister is the chair of the committee and staff members are:

  • Ms. Matteo Loughlin (Parent Teacher),
  • Miss Donnelly (Teacher Governor),
  • Mrs McCann (Senior Leadership Team).

Pupil representatives are:

  •  James Mc Teague Year 13 (ECO committee),
  • Ella Heron Year 14 (Student Leadership Team),
  • Molly McAllister Year 11,
  • Caitlyn McCormack Year 9 (SNAG committee).

The committee will be expanded to include more pupils on receipt of the Recognition of Commitment. The committee are already hard at work! They have created assemblies for all the year groups, attended a Senior Leadership meeting and will help train staff in January. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead and are confident we will gain the RRSA award.

Our Committee

​MIss Mc Allister

As a teacher of English and History and the Citizenship Co-ordinator I am always interested in rights and how to raise the profile of rights in the school environment. I am looking forward to being a part of the committee and watching them successfully implement RRSA in St. Mary’s. The journey is as important as the destination and I know they will learn a lot and gain many new skills in the process of gaining the award.

​Miss Donnelly

My role as a member of the Board of Governors enables me to offer support and guidance from the board for all the work of the Committee.

​Ms Mateo Loughlin

Respecting rights in school is very important to staff, students and parents. As a parent and a teacher in St. Mary’s my unique outlook will allow me to offer guidance to the committee on what needs to be done to address rights more explicitly in St. Mary’s.

​Miss Lesley Anne O'Melvana

As a classroom assistant it is important for me to know and understand the rights of all in St. Mary’s. Being on the committee enables me to participate in school life and be a good role model.

Ms Tanya. Kerr

A lunchtime supervisor is always on the lookout for behaviour that affects the rights of the child, it was really important therefore that we were represented on a committee that wants to teach about rights and ensure they are respected across the entire school.

​James Mc Teague

My experiences on the ECO Committee illustrated the importance of pupil participation and student voice in St. Mary’s. Being on the RRSA Committee will allow me to take this to the next level.

​Molly Mc Allister

I’m a good organiser and love to be busy so I was more than happy to work with other students on the Rights of the Child.

​Caitlin Mc Cormick

Getting involved in school makes our days more interesting and I learn more, so when the opportunity to join the RRSA committee I jumped at the chance!