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In St. Mary’s, we provide you, our pupils, with a wide range of opportunities to develop your leadership skills.


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Jake Donnelly

It is my delight, as Head Boy, to recollect and share my own personal experiences as a pupil of St. Mary’s Grammar School.  When asked to reflect upon my six years in the school, I was at a loss as to where to start, with such a range of experiences and happy memories coming to mind.

As a pupil of a small primary school, the thought of such a huge school was daunting.  However, over time I learned that this size meant only good, providing a large support network and a great number of friendships that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life.  From my first day in September 2012, the teachers and the teaching support staff have steered me in the right direction, not just in terms of academic success, but in building character and preparing me for life beyond school. Throughout my studies, I have been

afforded all possible help imaginable, between the time and effort of my teachers and the pastoral/holistic care given to me by many to deal with the stresses that come with balancing school, extra-curricular activities and everything else that life may present.  It is the dedication of staff to each and every pupil which drives each individual to learn, to grow, to develop and, as a result, to strive for greatness.

However, it would be unfair to only mention the enjoyment that happens within the classroom, as often many of the best days happen away from the school. With such a wide range of extra-curricular activities, there’s something to suit everyone.  Personally, some of my fondest memories are of days spent playing hurling in the famous blue of St. Mary’s, with people who are not justteam mates but great friends, and learning to enjoy the rewards and successes that can be achieved through hard work and team effort.  Or the fun that can be had learning Irish through a day at Belfast Zoo, or exploring the Bogside of Derry, to get a real feel for your history course.

As I reminisce on my time in St. Mary’s, my favourite lesson is possibly the sense of community that can be found within the school.  And within that community there are many opportunities to not only make friends, but make memories that will last a lifetime.

Whatever direction your dreams may take you, St. Mary’s provides the stepping stones to take you there.  Along the way, you will have many opportunities to learn, grow and succeed but also laugh and have fun.  I would strongly advise every pupil to take every opportunity going to truly make the most of your time in the school.

I could go on forever about all the great times I’ve enjoyed as a pupil of St.Mary’s and, in a similar way, I wish my years in the school could last forever too.  Although the thought of moving on to a new chapter excites me, there will always be a part of me that will never truly be able to accept moving on and leaving behind the second home and the second family that I have found in St. Mary’s and that I have come to cherish so fondly.  Although I leave with the memories, friends and experiences formed between my first day of Year 8 and the last day of Year 14, I know that when I leave the school in June 2019 it will be an emotional day for me.


Anna Gribbin

As Head Girl, I am privileged to welcome you to St. Mary’s Grammar School and to use this opportunity to share with you my experience as a pupil in this truly wonderful school.

Beginning my seventh and final year at St. Mary’s has encouraged me to look back upon the time I have spent in the school.  I am honoured to be Head Girl of a school that has provided me with so much since I began as a Year 8 pupil.

When I first entered the doors of St. Mary’s in September 2012, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Immediately, the values and ethos of the school could be felt: faith, respect, integrity, compassion and humility.  Such values embraced me and I, in turn, embraced them.  The six years I have spent here have more than lived up to the expectations I had when I first wore the famous St. Mary’s crest. 

The continuous academic excellence of St. Mary’s pupils in GCSE and A-Level examinations is widely known. However, such excellence could not be enjoyed without the caring, welcoming and selfless nature of the teachers of the school.  I have become aware of how the teachers play pivotal roles and are committed to guiding pupils to achieve so much, fulfilling their potential and ensuring their happiness and well-being. 

St. Mary’s offers a breadth of experience, and success is found not only in the classroom; there is something for everyone, from sport, music, drama, and competitions. Many memorable moments may be inside the classroom, on field trips, school visits, or listening to guest speakers. The many specific interests of a range of individuals are met under one roof.  I have been a member of Camogie and Ladies Gaelic Football teams throughout the years, and I am grateful to have played at Ulster Colleges Level. The sharing of moments of success with teammates and friends is something I will cherish for a lifetime.

As I have grown older, I have realised that the skills I have learnt as a pupil of St. Mary’s are invaluable, helping to shape me as a person. St. Mary’s helps each individual to reach their ambitions; curricular or extra-curricular, St. Mary’s excels in a range of areas.

As I begin my final year at St. Mary’s, I am saddened knowing that my time here is coming to an end; however, the laughs, friendships and memories that I have made whilst a pupil of St. Mary’s will last a lifetime. I am excited yet nervous for the future and what the next few years will bring. As this chapter of my life comes to an end and another begins, I realise that the values and spirit that this school has given me will carry me through the many challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead. This incredible school community has done great things for me, and for that I am very grateful.


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